Quiet Flight Active Noise & Vibration Control System:

Quiet Flight, LLC is rapidly becoming a leader in delivering the most reliable and cost-effective Active Noise & Vibration Control Systems (ANVCS) to the worldwide general aviation fleet. Quiet Flight ANVCS technology reduces aircraft noise thereby increasing passenger and crew comfort, and reduces aircraft vibration pressure thereby decreasing passenger and crew fatigue.

Company Overview:
Quiet Flight holds exclusive worldwide distribution and sales rights to the general aviation fleet for Cooper Tire & Rubber Company's (CTRC) patented ANVCS technology "ENVIsys". Wolfe Aviation is Quiet Flight's exclusive California distributor of its Active Noise & Vibration Control Systems. In the last five years, Quiet Flight has successfully developed, tested and productized CTRC‘s technology for the worldwide general aviation marketplace. General aviation and business aircraft utilizing Quiet Flight ANVCS have reduced noise and sound pressure vibration thus improving quality and safety of flight.

Product and Service Description:
The Quiet Flight ANVCS reduces noise and vibration pressure by use of a computer and amplifier discretely mounted in the aircraft, which are linked to a series of microphones and speakers scientifically located in the aircraft cockpit and or cabin; the system is controlled by proprietary digital signal processing noise control software. The Quiet Flight ANVCS creates sound pressure exactly equal in frequency and amplitude to, but 180° out of phase with, engine, propeller and other noise. The Quiet Flight ANVCS is a volumetric system with a noise cancellation diameter up to four feet for each aircraft.

Industry and Marketplace Analysis:
Quiet Flight ANVCS products can be installed in over 176,000 piston and turboprop aircraft of the 211,000 aircraft within the U.S. general aviation fleet that face issues such as:

· Protecting Passenger and Crew Hearing
· Reducing "Jet/Prop" Fatigue
· Improving Crew Operating Efficiency
· Improving Operational Safety
· Facilitating In Flight Business

Wolfe Aviation and Quiet Flight ANVCS technology together reduces aircraft noise thereby increasing passenger and crew comfort, and reduces aircraft vibration pressure, decreasing passenger and crew fatigue.

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