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Aircraft Managed Services
Wolfe Aviation offers a full range of aviation management services. Our approach to turnkey aircraft management has proven attractive to corporations and individuals because our expertise translates directly into greater safety and lower costs for aircraft owners.

Turnkey Management Services:
· Crew selection and oversight
· Detailed monthly reporting and bill payments
· Fiscal budgeting and asset management
· Coordinated maintenance structure and oversight
· Regulatory compliance
· Thorough and detailed itinerary and flight coordination
· Sales services to support charter if required
· Hundreds of other management details made simple

By selecting Wolfe Aviation, you profit from all the advantages of aircraft ownership without any of the administrative, regulatory and operational burdens. Due to the size of our managed aircraft fleet we are able to provide reduced costs through volume discounts. We employ, train and supervise the crew, oversee maintenance, pay the bills, monitor regulatory compliances and provide overall travel support and scheduling assistance to you, the owner.

Our aircraft management options are numerous and are readily adaptable to individual client needs. By answering the following questions a clientís optimum management program can be determined.

Program Profile Questions:
· What will be the expected and unexpected (90% of owners end up using their aircraft more than they originally think) utilization requirements of the aircraft?
   - Total passengers
   - Length of trips
   - Frequency of trips
· What is the aircraft purchase budget?
· What will be the entity and how will the entity be structured?
· How will sales tax be handled?
· Will the aircraft be financed?
· What will be the ownership percentage (if more than one owner)?
· How will scheduling conflicts be resolved (if more than one owner)?

Upon completing profile then the following occurs:
· Find top five aircraft meeting profile.
· Research candidate aircraft.
· Deposit on selected aircraft.
· Detailed logbook inspection of selected aircraft.
· Pre-buy inspection of selected aircraft.
· Transfer of funds and take possession of the aircraft.

Using Wolfe Aviationís aviation management service will enhance your aircraft ownership experience. We look forward to creating a customized aviation management service program for you and your aircraft.

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